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I love and live design. I try to improve and reconceptualize things and believe that any need can be addressed with the right design idea. I’m a designer who operates across a wide variety of fields, materials and techniques. The defining characteristic of my work is innovation.

I like to think that designers are like the defense lawyers for the end user, or for the product’s supply system. That mindset assures the right result: a suitable end user- and environmentally-friendly product.

I believe that the birth of a new product begins with a strong need. The ability to think through a design, and the vision and courage to make it innovative and different, leads to a commercial success.

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The design process
Every product has a story: the people behind it, its birthplace, life cycle, operational environment, support and supply systems, limitations, standards, and "after life" disposal. A professional design process that anticipates all those “life events” results in a coherent product that features an enormous attention to detail.

In general, the design process begins by understanding the need and studying the product's field.
The next step is creating design alternatives and to widening development options. After the most suitable alternative is chosen, a process of refining and detailing work is completed, in which all considerations, standards and requirements are taken care of.
The product is then CAD-modeled and prototyped. Remarks are taken and changes made until the product is complete.



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